måndag 25 februari 2013

The Body Shop Absinthe Hand Care Collection

This is a new hand care collection from Body shop. A unisex collection that goes by the name Absinthe, how decadent! And it thrills me! In these cold ass days the hands really gets a beating. Dry skin, flaky nails, and cuticles in need for a miracle.

This collection consists of:
Absinthe Hand wash - 250ml/95 SEK
Absinthe Purifying Hand gel - 60ml/50 SEK
Absinthe Purifying hand cream - 100 ml/125 SEK, 30 ml/60 kr
Absinthe Purifying hand butter - 100 ml/135 kr

I am a complete creamjunkie and this gives me a real shoppingitch. HOWEVER, one (and by one I mean me) is saving up for a vanity, storage, mirrors and all that good stuff to give myself my own makeup-mecka!

Have anyone outthere tried these products? Do they bring the miracle these tired hands need?

Spill it glamazons!

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