tisdag 25 juni 2013

Cover of the week

Anja Rubik / Vogue Russia July 2013 / Richard Bush

BAM! I adore this!

Vogue Russia is my absolute fav magazine of all times! I don't understand a word but it doesn't matter when the pictures are like dreams to look at! It embodies everything I love, need and crave. This cover is no exception. Anja Rubik is a gorgeous model and what captures me is really the hair. I have smooth fine scandinavian hair and my biggest dream is to have curly hair. Cause even when I curl it, it only lasts for like....minutes. And that's still after I've just a bizillion produtcs in my hair. I've tried everything but it seems impossible.

Today's wishlist

This months paycheck landed in my account today and the money is burning a hole in my pocket. There are loads of products I long for and the two above are no exception.

This two produtcs are the Ecoorganic facial serum and the ecoorganic facial oil from the Swedish brand estelle & thild.

Buy the serum here (425 SEK) and the facial oil here (375 SEK)

My go to blush

When Sephora came to Malmö I took a trip there with one mission. To buy coralista from Benefit. This blush has been raved about from almost every makeup-guru on YouTube so I felt I just had to have it. It's mine and it's a great everyday blush. The great sheen in it makes highlighter an unnecessary step in an everyday-routine.

This peachy shade goes with every eye-shadow and is never too much. I adore it!

Do you have a go to blush? Which one? Do tell!

My summerpicks from Isadora

When this summer came I abondoned my dark nails for vibrant, shocking summercolours! Therefore I went a little crazy on polishes from Isadora. I got this four colours.
From left to right:
713 - south beach, 756 - coral reef, 735 - heftiest hibiscus and 125 - glassy cerise.

Today I'm wearing the pinkredish heftiest hibiscus and I got a compliment from a colleague today!

lördag 22 juni 2013

Travel bag - Greece

 This is my travel bag for makeup and skincare that I brought with me to Greece. I thought I'd walk you trough it all.
 Let's start with showeressentials. 
L'oréal schampoo that is anti-breakage and repairing. When spending every minute in the sun, pool and the sea the hair can be quit damaged. I great repairing schampoo is essential for keeping shine in that hair. The cleansing conditioner from Wen, which I got in the Glossybox, was a great choice to really clean the hair and get all the chlorine out of the hair. At last I brought two minisamples of bodywashes. One from balance Me and one from Dr Brenner.
 Then sunscreen (the most important product for my ridiculous fair skin).
Nivea sunscreen spf 30 for the body. Vichy spf 50 for the face. Cliniderm spf 15 for the face. Oil with spf 30 for them legs. Hawaiian tropic spf 15 (also something from a glossybox). Ofcourse I also brought an after sun spray from Nivea. The lips are something many people forget to protect in the sun and you can get the nasties blisters. Therefore I added two lipglosses from Clinque with spf 15. That way I was both chic and protected in the sun.
 When knowing I would spend one week in the sun I decided to go bananas on hydration hydration hydration. Facewash, facetoner and night cream, all from Biotherm and the Biosource/aquasource regime. For removing eyemakeup I choose the "lid + lash was makeup remover" from Bliss. Daycream of the week was a minisample (also received in a glossybox) from the Body shop - "vitamin E moisture cream". The eyecream was a no-brainer and my favourite eyecream "retinol eye care cream" from SkinPlan followed me to Greece.
 This gorgeous litte minisample (recieved in a Glossybox) of hair oil from the hairbrand Maria Nila was a real lifesaver for my splitends in Greece. However, I wouldn't use it at home were my hair isn't in the sun and in the sea as often because the oil was real heavy and weighed down my hair.
 MUA palette - "undressed"
Rimmel scandal eyes - 5 "nude"
Maybelline coloursensational lipstick - 910 "shocking coral"
Maybelline coloursensational lipstick - 413 "delicate coral"
Babor lipstick (from Glossybox) - 30 "ice rose"
Clarins instant light concealer
Mac mineralize skin finish - "light plus"
Too faced palette - "boudoir eyes"
Clinique bottom lash mascara
Estée Lauder sumptuous extreme mascara
Garnier BB cream - "light"
Maybelline color tatoo - "pink gold" & "on and on bronze"
Make up store blush - "must have"
Max factor miracle touch creamy blush - 18 "soft cardinal"
too faced shadow insurance
Guerlain terracotta bronzer - 00
bdellium brush for concealer
RT blush brush
Make up store angled brush for eyebrows
Fluffy brush from Eco tools
Mac 117 for blending
Mac brush for patting on the colour
RT buffing brush for creamblush
Here are some swatches of the lipsticks I took with me. From left to right: Babor, Maybelline "delicate coral" and Maybelline "shocking coral".

Phew! What a long post! Hope you liked it and please share what products you would bring to a summerholiday! I'm always eager to find hidden gems out there!

Midsummersday 2013

Since I am in our summerhouse my days are so lazy. There is no makeup and all my clothes are all about comfort and being appropriate for working in the garden and going out in the archipelago with the boat. When celebrating midsummer, which was yesterday, with friends a big part is the dressing up, wearing a nice dress and some flowers in the hair. But yesterday was spent with a somewhat pyjamaslooking outfit and then falling a sleep next to the table on a bench in the sun. But I did shoot some nice pictures of the food we ate and I wanted to share them with you.

My current obsession

My current obsession is this oil from NUXE. I have it in my office and those days I wear a skirt or a dress I just spritz some on my legs giving them this ubernice shine. The handcream to the left is also a  little sumfingsumfing I have in my office. because lord knows it comes in handy *no pun intended*.

NUXE can be bought in the Swedish pharmacy.

A great highlighter - Benefit High Beam

Yesterday I got asked on Twitter for a tip on a great highlighter. I gave the woman two great choices. The second one was Mac's "shroom" which is an eyeshadow which is absolutely divine on the eyes. BUT it's also a great highlighter to put on top of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose or wherever you want a little sheen.

The second choice was Benefit's "high beam". It comes in a glassjar in a liquid form. I adore it and use it almost every day. I bought the high beam on Sephora in Copenhagen, this was before Sephora opened up in Malmö. I also bought the benefit "bene tint" which is a cheekcolour also in a liquid form.

Both can now be found on every Sephora in Sweden, aswell as Sephora world wide.

fredag 21 juni 2013

A great purchase

I bought the most amazing shoes the other day. Black pumps with a metal cap on the toes. What drew me to these shoes was that the metal has this intricate almost lacelooking detail. I thought it gave the shoes a little more caracter making them less anonymous. These I will wear both working and playing, either with jeans and a simple top or with a fierce coctaildress.

Today's wishlist

Today I don't wish for material things, today I wish for more days like the ones we had in Greece. One week of lazy days lying by the pool. We were reading tons of books, eating loads of olives, suvlaki and fetacheese. We took small trips up in the mountain and to a local market.

The swedish summer has proved itself to be as most swedish summers are. Uncertain weather with sun, rain, thunder and clouds all in the same day. In Greece the sky was as blue as the ocean and not a single cloud in sight during the days.

Glossybox june 2013

It's been ages since I blogged and the reason is totally legit! I've spent one week in gorgeous Greece together with my family and I have loads of pictures to share. And the other timeconsuming issue has been that we live in a very old apartment and as a result we have vermins in all the closets. So every piece of clothing etc has been washed, tumbledried and ironed. We're still not done and every minute has been spent on trying to decontaminate the house.

This weekend we have gone to my parents summerhouse in the archipelago so I have some minutes over to blog. I thought I would take the chance to show you the latest Glossybox, even tough it's long over due.

A cleansing conditioner from Wen, a small sample of sunscreen from Hawaiian tropic, nailpolish from color club ( I'm not that fond of the colour), a moisture facecream from Akademikliniken and a body was from Dr Brenner.