onsdag 29 maj 2013

Mac Mineralize skinfinish naural

My new facepowder. And the verdict...... LOVE IT!
Mac Mineralize skinfinish natural.

Cover of the week

Vogue Germany sporting Karmen Pedaru on their June 2013 cover.

I ADORE this cover because I need sun and the ocean. I want to lie in sun, reading tons of books and swim for hours in the ocean. I want to have bronzed skin, sunkissed cheeks and not needing any other makeup than a pop of colour on my lips.

This colours also proves what I already knew. Sunkissed skin looks phenomenal with blacks and gold!

tisdag 28 maj 2013

My current wishlist

Moroccan oil light, Kashmirsweater in offwhite, Avéne soothing moisture mask

Inspiration right now

This is the dropdead gorgeous blogger Nicole Warne, the creator of the blog Gary Pepper.I die for her blog. She mixes vintage, designerpieces and budgetpieces into to the most creative, stylish and fascinating outfits. She has this aura of chicness and sophistication about her. I really feel one should have her as a best friend!

Whenever she wears a piece of clothing from a cheaper brands, such as H&M or ASOS, they always look expensive. No one would even know they were from a budgetstore did she not tell us. I think I have looked trough her blog awkwardly many times. I simply adore her!

Go to her blog and give her a whole lot of loving. Because I do appreciate a blogger liker her so much. We who blog all know the time and effort that is put into every blogpost. What makes her special from other bloggers is that she chooses both the outfit AND the location to shoot the outfit at. This means that every blogpost is like an editorial spread in any highfashion magazine.

Nicole, you are a bloggerhero! Go girl! Go!

måndag 27 maj 2013

Today's detail

Leftover flowers from my man's 30th birthday. Red miu miu case that holds my keys. A pink neutral YSL lipstick. My man's businesscards. The perfect highlighter from Chanel. 

This are the things on my table at the moment!


After a shoppingday with my mother and beloved sister, I got home with some great items. I bought these GORGEOUS shoes from Bianco.I had been looking at them for ages and there they were, half off, I just grabbed my size, paid for them and I haven't looked back.

Lately I have been obsessed with superbasic outfits. Jeans, simple tops, great coats and a smashing pair of shoes. These will be the perfect addition! The details on the toes gives these shoes that little detail that just makes the shoe. I adore accessories with hat extra fun twist on them.

söndag 26 maj 2013


After a rainy day (I thought summer was here to stay!?) I treate myself to a divine bathoil from the Swedish pharmacy. I also stacked up on a shower gel and hand wash because I was running out at home.

All three products are from the brand Apoliva. You find the shower gel here, the hand wash here and the bath oil (which was 50% on sale) here.

Did I mention the prices are crazylow!?

The rules of cleaning brushes

Today it's sunday which means brushcleaning-day! I try to clean my brushes once a weak. I use normal hairschampoo and dip a little of the brush into the schampoo. I then swirl the brush round in my hand until all the makeup is removed. Then I rinse them thoroughly and leave them to airdry flat on a clean towel.

I find it most important to clean the brushes with which you use fluids or creamproducts. I also find that dirty brushes makes the final foundationapplication looks poorly and sometimes striky. It's also important to clean brushes with fluids and creamproducts in them because bacteria spreads more easily in these types of products than powderproducts.

Schampoo - water - airdrying lying flat - Voila! It's not much harder than that!

Go to shadows from Esteé Lauder and Lóreal

Whenever I need to pack light and need two shadows that I know compliments my eyes aswell as any outfits, these two shadows are lifesavers. These shadows are great on their own aswell as toghether and I use them every time I feel out of inspiration.

The left one is pure color eyeshadow in 63 "tempting mocha" and is an Estée Lauder shadow. It's a shimmering brown shadow perfect for day and night. The right one is a color appeal shadow from L'oréal in 154 "Quartz rose". A pink shade with an insane amount of shimmer.