söndag 21 april 2013

Avéne soothing moisture mask - review

When talking about skincare I realized I haven't reviewed this gem for you guys. This is moisture mask from the french skincare brand Avéne. This brand is also to be found in the Swedish pharmacy. 

This is a holy grale products for me. I always have to have one in my bathroom or else all hell break loose. 

On to the product.
This is a mask for sensitive, dry and irritated skin. It contains Avéne thermal spring water and has a hydrating, soothing and calming effect on the skin. My boyfriend has some skinproblems and when he feels stressed out he gets dry patches on his face. When slapping some of this on all the dryness goes away. This mask restores the skins balance leaving it silky smooth. This mask should be applied generously in a thick layer for about 15 minutes. Rising is not needed, you could simply just tissue off any excess. Should you be very dry, for example in the wintesmonths or after sunbathing to heavily, you could also use a slightly tinner layer all over your face and use it a over-night mask.

All in all, this is a holy grail product. It's divine, wonderful and something i recommend to everyone.

And the price is fantastic!!!!
219 kr/ 50 ml

Grade: 5/5 (how did I ever survive before this baby!?)

VICHY Pureté thermale soft & soothing toner - review

After completley ditching hard and strong faceproducts aimed at acneprone skin, and instead turning towards porducts for sensitive skin, my skin has improved drastically.
Today I have one zit but that's it. I still have acnescaring but the skin itself is so calm. I don't use toner as regularly as other faceproducts but I was trying out a rubbish cleanser which made me feel the need to ad a toner to my regime.

This toner is from the wonderful brand Vichy, which is sold in the swedish pharmacy. This is a paraben free toner for dry and sensitive skin. It contains thermal spa water from Vichy and is dermatologically tested. Another real important thing to be aware of if you have acneprone skin is to never use products containing alcohol. Which this god send products ofcourse does not.

Grade: 5/5 (we're talking holy grail product)

O.P.I polish remover - review

Hard to review a polish remover. Either they remove or they don't. This one removed but not as easily as some of the cheaper alternatives out there. It has a very large hole making which made it hard to control how much remover was added to the cottonpad. 

If I were you I would save on this remover and splurge on the actual O.P.I polishes instead.

Grade: 3/5

Glossybox april 2013

After a long wait (and several e-mails later) my Glossybox finally arrived.
This months products were as follows:

* Smile lab - advanced teeth whitening strips
This is great. I only bleach my teeth myself using different kinds of strips and the results are great. Superexcited about these!
499 kr/15 st
* Da vinci cosmetics - mineral eyeshadow
I love the colour but absolutely hate loose pigments. Uncertain if this one will get used more than a couple of times.
169 kr/st
* Trind nail repair
I LOVE THIS! I'm using this every time I paint my nails. When i run out of this little gem I will definetely buy a fullsized bottle. 
129 kr/9 ml
* Body shop - day & night face cream
I'm using other facecreams at the moment so I haven't tried these out yet. I haven't tried any faceproducts from the Body shop so I am excited! And vitamin E is a great ingredient in faceproducts. i really find it calms by skin down.
Daycream: 125 kr/50 ml
Nightcream: 175 kr/50 ml
* Jelly pong pong - 2 in 1 eyeliner & shadow
This one is dry, chubby and difficult to manover. I tried it as a liner but it was a little difficult. However, when doing a smokey eye I will def use this one a primer. Smudging it out over the lid before packing on the black shadow.
109 kr/st

torsdag 18 april 2013

A lawsuit and Clinique chubby stick intense

I'm so happy to be back in the blogosphere! Work has been intense! I'm a lawyer and sometimes the cases just becomes to many. All clients have minor, and sometimes major, problems and they all need help (preferably yesterday). I have been running between trials, policehearing, clientmeetings and so forth. I've bearly had time to do my nails!?

I had a particularly great day a couple of weeks ago. A long and difficult case finally ended with a lawsuit. And I just had to treat myself. For the longest time the Clinique chubby sticks have intrigued me. However, the sherness of them didn't do anything for me. Either I have a transparent lipbalm och something with at least a little pop of colour. The normal chubby sticks were just to expensive to be worth a purchase when the colour payoff was next to nothing.

But as we all know Clinique launched the Chubby stick intense and I was beyond excitement. After trying, thinking, waiting, being a little cheap and so on this lawsuit finally gave me the golden oppurtunity. I bought the stick in the colour "heftiest hibiscus" and I tell you OMG I LOVE IT! It's so chic and effortless. I just slap it on and it gives me that instant lawyer-chicness that I do enjoy so much. And lately I have been completely addicted to the Maybelline colour tatoo in bad to the bronze. The orangetoned red stick complements a golden eye just perfectly. 

However, this particular day I felt extra giving and also bought a cleanser from Lancôme - gel eclat.

Here are all the Chubby Stick Intense, and I love the one I have so much that I want them all!