måndag 18 mars 2013

Latest purchase from eleven.se

I've been a good girl when it comes to exercise and keeping up a healthy lifestyle and thus I treated myself to a little "care-package" from eleven.se.

* The Falsies mascara from Maybelline. I just had to have another one.
* Dry schampoo from Marc Anthony, a brand which I have not tried before. And after emptieing tons of Batiste dry schampoos I thought it was time to try another one.
* After lusting forever to try a palette from too faced I settled on their latest eyepalette "budoir eyes". Oh, it's so gorgeus, beautiful, useable and classic. I hope to get tons of use from it. When buying this palette you also got a minisample of the Too Faced shadow insurance. That made me happy cause it's still the best eyeprimer I ever tried.
* A teasing brush from Babyliss. I hope this will help the tease my hair to great volume but with lesser damage on the hair.
* Then I added another brush to my Real techniques collection. This time I bought the pink blush brush, which will be tried on blush, powder and bronzers. As usual it's real soft and sensitive on the skin.

Every week I set different goals when it comes to exercise and foodchoices. The reward is often something beautyrelated. This way I stay motivated (because there is so much beautystuff out there that I just need to have).

Oliva make up remover wipes - review

Oliva make up remover wipes

I got these wipes in a Glossybox and I have never used wipes before. I have really sensitive skin and have deliberately avoided wipes because I feel that they can be quite harsch on the skin.

But when these were given to me tried them. They removed my makeup but all the negative things I was suspecting were proven. They made my skin sting a little and the plastic cover didn't attache well after a couple of uses which made the wipes dry out. I also felt I had to follow up with my normal cleanser to get that real clean feeling.

No, I will keep my distance to wipes going forward. Tried it once and that's enough for me.

Price: 45 SEK
Grade: 1/5 (I cherish my skin to much to keep using wipes)

Maybelline the falsies volume express mascara - review

This is one *bip* of a mascara! It's not for nothing that this mascara has been raved about around the web on blogs aswell as on youtube. This mascara adds volume, body and lenght to your lashes. It lasts all day and the price is great. The downside is that I did find it smudge a lot under the eyes. Nothing helped, moist or a dry concealer, powder or no powder, nothing helped. Instead I used it only on my upper lashes and the clinique bottom lash mascara on, you guessed it, my bottom lashes.

Price: 145 SEK
Grade: 4/5 (it would have been a 5 if it didn't smudge that much under my eyes)

söndag 17 mars 2013

Dove pure and sensitive body lotion - review

This review will be short and sweet! This is a great products. Affordable, GREAT for sensitive skin and makes your skin soft. The products lasts a long time.

This lotion is included in Dove's new collection "pure & sensitive" which is lotion without perfume and aimed for those with the most sensitive skin.

It's great, but you guys know that I love to smell great. And this makes me smell nothing. But hey, I strongly recommend it for you sensitive roses out there!

My favourite bloggers at the moment

In the bloggosphere it is of the utmost importance to link and comments your fellow bloggers. The blogworld depends on these things. I get sooo much inspiration from bloggers and why not show them some love?
Here are my favourite bloggers at the moment!
 British Beauty Blogger, or BBB, is a great blogger. She writes honest, witty and gives criticism when criticism is welldeserved. I love a girl willing to speak her mind and since BBB is truthful and can sting like a bee I trust her opinions so much. It's more often than rare that I do agree with her and I find that she is really ambitious in blogging often and frequently.
This canadian girl, based in England, is charming and oh so gorgeous! I love her videos on Youtube, aswell as her blog. She has great taste and all her makeup looks are neutral but impeccabel. She really has inspired me to go all nude, polished and low-key on my eyes!

This is a real professional blog with great collages, pictures and interviews. This blog let's us deadly see the bathroomcabinet of the rich and the famous. And oh, don't we love to snoop around there!?
Two danish girls, based in NY (i think, it's a little unclear at the moment). They blog in danish which is no problem for a Swede. They are great, beautiful and blogs about news, budgetmakeup and shows great makeup looks. My only critique is that they blog to seldom! Post often ladies! Don't keep me hanging!

This is my latest blogobsession. She is D-I-V-I-N-E! I love that she uses the most minimal makeup but still inspires tremendously. She makes great youtube videos which are a must see if you're into makeup. You find Vivianna's blog here and youtube channel here!

Which are your favourite beautyblogs?

By the way, do you think I should blog both in english and swedish?

söndag 10 mars 2013

Nails of today - Essie "spaghetti strap"

Essie - spaghetti strap
After months, even years, of a total obsession with dark nails my desires have made a 180 and the nude nail has made an entrance. The dark nail has followed me, with the occasional red, pink and lilac, and ranged from black to the darkest reds, purples and browns. 
But then one day I picked up this nude polish from Essie (my first polish from Essie yej!) and I absolutely fell in love. The dark days are over and I'm ready to welcome the nude nail. Now my desire for a nude, polished, sophisticated nail knows no limits. Now I want to buy every nude polish I see.

So hit me, which is your fav nude polish?


tisdag 5 mars 2013

Bobbi Brown - lilac rose collection

Iiiihhhhh, I die! This ad is the most gorg thing evah! And the makeup is just as gorgeous and "i-must-own-it"-worthy! The whole collection is limited edition so expect it to sell out fast!

From left to right:

nailpolish - This is a limited edition polish in a greypinkish colour. Just that perfect sophisticated nude with a hint of pink that is flattering on everyone. The shade is called "roza".

Shimmer brick "lilac rose" - I must have this one. This is the real winner for me. Just the look of it makes me feel/hear/smell/taste summer. What will wearing it be like!? This shimmerbrick contains of bright pinks, golden pinks and pinky pearl and is divine! I'm a sucker for pink blush and use pink shades almost every day.

Lip gloss - this collection adds to new glosses in the name of lilac rose and pink lily. The third lipgloss is a brightening lip gloss in the name "pink lilac". I'm not much of a glossgirl so I'll pass on these.

Eye palette "lilac rose" - praise Jesus, this makes my fingers tingle! This eight-colour palette is perfect for everyday with its light, nude and dusty pinks, greys and lilac shades. Perfection with the brown shade. (I do see a brown shade right!?)

Blush - perfect pink blush in the name "pastel pink".

Sparkle eyeshadow - this sparkly doll goes under the name of "lilac".

The only negative thing I could say is that the creative team must have had a mental breakdown when creating the names. The all have (almost) the same name! That makes me a little confused.

söndag 3 mars 2013

Anatomicals shower gel - rose and jasmine body cleanser

You guys loooove reviews but sometimes it's so hard. This is a soap, it lathers, it makes me clean. Do I love it? No! Why? Because I absolutely loath and hate this brand and their rubbish products.

For 300 ml you pay 79 SEK which is a good price. The smell is great and the package cute. I don't love it but I don't hate it. You'll get clean and you don't have to pay that much. But no, I won't buy this product again.

I give it 2 out of 5.

Bioderma - review

After raving about Bioderma in this post I thought it would be appropriate of me to do a little review of this godsend product.

This is makeup remover used by all the great makeup artist and loads of the supermodels that show us the latest fashion. This product was to be found in every french pharmacy and is for its size so affordable. This pink version is so sensitive on the eyes, remove the makeup easily and is fragrancefree. I do my makeup almost every single day and when I use a remover that needs more rubbing on the eyes, my eyes immediately goes teary and red.

What can i say? This products has it all and I will die the day it will be sold here in Sweden.

I give it 5 out of 5!