söndag 26 maj 2013

The rules of cleaning brushes

Today it's sunday which means brushcleaning-day! I try to clean my brushes once a weak. I use normal hairschampoo and dip a little of the brush into the schampoo. I then swirl the brush round in my hand until all the makeup is removed. Then I rinse them thoroughly and leave them to airdry flat on a clean towel.

I find it most important to clean the brushes with which you use fluids or creamproducts. I also find that dirty brushes makes the final foundationapplication looks poorly and sometimes striky. It's also important to clean brushes with fluids and creamproducts in them because bacteria spreads more easily in these types of products than powderproducts.

Schampoo - water - airdrying lying flat - Voila! It's not much harder than that!

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